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Some random links or posts to share:

  • I’d forgotten about this post “Do you bring your Bible to church?” from October. I meant to share it then. Just some interesting thoughts on bringing your Bible to church, or not – from the blogger Bailey. I left a comment after the post.
  • A book review of mine was indirectly shared on The Warburg Watch last week. They featured a guest post from Tim Fall, and in Tim’s post he referred to a post of mine. It brought my little blog a lot of traffic. Here is that post: Biblical Femininity Is A Lie – Guest Post by Tim Fall.
  • Two different bloggers recently had posts that share concerns I have also blogged about in the past. Do you feel invisible at church? Have you tried really hard to assimilate at a church, and still felt lonely and not “plugged-in” despite your efforts? Did you try to share your concern with a pastor, only to have the blame placed on you -or- your concern not truly acknowledged? Then these posts may interest you:

The Problem of Christian Float

A plea to church leaders from the invisible woman in the church pew

  • The blogger at iChristian shares challenging quotes and excerpts from Christian authors and preachers – many historical figures, but current ones too. I appreciate seeing these in my wordpress feed.