Reaching out and sharing Christ during COVID-19


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These are some things I am doing during this time in our nation and world:

♦ There is a “little free library” in my neighborhood, and I placed some Christian books in it. It was varied. Some would appeal more to practicing Christians, but other books might appeal to unbelievers, such as a Lauren Winner title. As I mention in a past post, I leave Christian literature in various places, but I had not done so in a few months. With more time at home, perhaps some people will be looking for books. I pray a Christian may be encouraged in their faith, or a seed  planted in the life of an unbeliever.

♦ I ordered some Christians “tracts” and some are geared towards believers, to encourage them in their life of faith, while others are evangelistic. Do you think tracts or literature is a dated method? That’s nice. I will distribute it anyway. Not all tracts are the same. Some can be hokey or embarrassing, but others can be well done.  How am I giving these out? I am writing postal notes to various people, and enclosing tracts.

♦ Postal letter writing is a life-long hobby of mine, and I even have another blog about it. But I am sending out more mail than usual at this time, when people are stuck at home, and may particularly appreciate a personal piece of mail.

Did you see Hallmark is giving out a million free cards? Yes! I bet they will be gone fast. See HERE. 

Christian professor, philosopher, and apologist Douglas Groothuis has had posts about writing handwritten notes by postal mail! Such as this one: 10 Ways to Write a Meaningful Card.  The 10 ideas he has seem extra applicable during this time in our world! Take a look!

Writing cards is a way to re-humanize a de-humanized culture. Too much is too automatic and impersonal…Consider joining me in my effort to re-humanize the world through the simple, but soulful, act of writing cards and letters.”

During COVID-19, I keep seeing pastoral reminders on social media to check in with people who are on the margins, out of the loop, etc. This is great! BUT shouldn’t this be a NORM for Christians ALL the time?! Sadly, I find it is not a norm. Here is a past post: Are you making people feel invisible or significant?

Perhaps this time of COVID-19 can bring a revival of personal outreach and more personal methods of communication? God reached out to humanity in such a personal way, sending Jesus to live among us! God became one of us! We should never get over the awe of that, and it should motivate us as believers to reach out in personal ways to those around us.

Pray to see the overlooked, lonely, and forgotten. Pray for open minds and hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray for opportunities to share your faith with unbelievers, and encourage believers. And of course, look for opportunities to provide tangible and practical assistance to those in need.