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I enjoy “in-person” Bible teaching, and appreciate any opportunities that present themselves. For a couple years now, I do much of the teaching for my adult Sunday school class. And I just began teaching an evening class for adults at my church on the book of Colossians. I create my own lessons, and do not use a pre-done curriculum.

I have felt that I should transfer some of this to other mediums – such as I could record Bible lessons and make them available to listen to online. Or I could turn some of them into blog posts. But…I have found talking into a microphone a bit odd. Without real people there, it is not the same. And with several of my recent series for my Sunday school class, I’d thought I could turn them into blog posts. But I have not. Why?

Hmm. Different reasons I suppose. Laziness. After studying, preparing a lesson, and teaching it – now I have to turn it into a blog post too?! Even though I like writing, after years of writing papers for seminary and then writing a Christian non-fiction book, my blog has become more of a place for essays and book reviews. I don’t want to put the effort into more involved posts. But I do feel my blog is lacking in the important dimension of Bible study material.

I’ve had an idea for a new book for quite some time. I’m even jotting notes in a notebook when I think of them. This book will have a connecting theme, but each chapter will mostly stand alone. Meaning you could pick chapters to read of your choice, and that would work. It is also Christian non-fiction.

I am all out of money, and in the hole from my first book. I drained our personal bank account to publish it, and am still about 95% in the red. So…to write a new book and publish it will require me doing it the least expensive way possible – such as createspace. I could try for a real publisher but that path is so discouraging and frustrating. But I am ahead of myself. I have not even started the book yet!

And sometimes I wonder the point of writing another book. My first book had a rather limited circulation. Was all the time, effort and expense worth it? Yet, I feel driven to write! Yes, I want to try writing another book.

Any other writers out there? Please feel free to share any related thoughts.