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Positively Powerless, How a Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity

Positively Powerless reveals the deceptions of the positivity movement that engulfed our culture. Break free from its chains, and be reestablished in a God-centered life.

Not sure what the “positivity movement” is? Find out in my book! It drastically altered American culture in the 20th century. Evidence of this philosophy is everywhere once you are aware of it. It can hide in plain view because it became such a natural way of thinking.

Think positive? The self-help genre? Optimistic motivational philosophy? The self-esteem methodology?

These pervasive things did not always exist, and are historically rooted in occult, mystical, and Eastern religious principles of the 19th century. This approach to life not only engulfed America but influenced Christianity. Yet Christianity and the positive thinking mentality stand in stark conflict to each other.

Rest assured…that being against positive thinking does NOT mean the alternative is negative thinking! Discover the neglected paradoxes or “tensions” of Christian living. As Tim Keller said: “Christians should not be optimists; we know too much about sin. We should also not be pessimists, for we know the living God.”


Comments and reviews about Positively Powerless:

“Positively Powerless by L.L. Martin is her first book but I hope it will not be her last. What I thought would be an overview of the history of the positive thinking movement turned out to be an examination of our need for the gospel to squelch the self-focus this movement inspires. The author presents the hope of the gospel in relation to self-deception, pride and the humanization of God.” – Full review here.

“As a poster child for pride in all of its ugly forms, I can attest to the freeing truths shared in Positively Powerless. With clarity, warmth and wisdom, my friend Laura Martin takes her readers on a journey of discovering that our best life is not found in the power of positive thinking, but in the power of a life wholly founded in the person and work of Jesus Christ.” -Carole Chaput

“It raises some good questions about how we think about God, ourselves, and the Christian life….Positively Powerless is a short, unintimidating read that will open your eyes to the pervasiveness and powerlessness of the positive thinking movement.” – Full review here.

“I think Martin speaks compellingly of the ‘virus’ of positive thought that has infected the American church…Her purpose is not to name names or criticize ministries (from which she refrains) but to restore biblical discernment…This book is a great example of constructive theological discernment in an age of either unthinking sentiment or outrage.” -Full review here. 


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