If you’d like me to speak for an adult Bible study group, church service, book club, or other type of meeting/gathering – please let me know. I’m in the Greenville, SC area but willing to drive a reasonable distance.

One interestinP1060446g presentation I can offer is the Old Testament robes of the high priest. I possess the outfit, and place each piece on a model and give it New Testament application. Jesus is our great high priest! The gospel is presented clearly.  It could “standhigh priest alone” or blend with a group studying Hebrews or the Pentateuch. See here for a video recording of this presentation.

I have a MA in biblical studies, and could speak on a variety of biblical or theological themes. Feel free to suggest a topic. I’d enjoy the challenge of putting together a message or lesson for your group. References can be provided upon request.

I’m the author of a book: Positively Powerless, How a Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity and could talk about themes from it.

Examples of topics that I have taught in the past are below. Some were taught in a multi-week class format. However, they could be adapted to briefer time frames or possibly reduced to a single session.

  • The deity of Christ. Passages such as Colossians 1, John 1, and a lay introduction to early church heresies and church history would be considered. We can not get it wrong about the deity of Christ! Our faith rises or falls on it. Vital and practical.
  • Faith and Doubt. There are different types of doubt, but some fear throwing their brains out the window. Is there enough evidence to make belief reasonable? This is not so much about apologetics, but learning that faith and doubt can be friends.
  • The Beatitudes. Have we really let the counter-cultural nature of the Beatitudes impact our hearts and minds? We should be astonished by them.
  • The Bible. A series on the Bible covered: the biblical canon (how the individual books ended up in our Bible), why we can trust the Gospel accounts, the inspiration (etc) of the Scripture, and practical Bible reading ideas.
  • The seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3. The messages for 7 churches, given to John from Jesus, remain relevant and practical in our day.

Note that I do not charge a fee. However, if traveling outside the area of Greenville, SC – such as to nearby Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA – I would request compensation for gasoline to fill my car. Thank you.