Free curriculum

Christology, a curriculum by L.L. Martin

When I taught this class at my church, this is how it was described in the church brochure:

Most Christians would feel confident when asked “Who is Jesus?” – He is the Son of God and our Savior from sin. While that is correct, there is much more to understand about the person of Jesus, and these things are crucial to Christianity. This curriculum will explore and study the person of Jesus, highlight misconceptions, and help us realize the importance of truth. Through this thoughtful class, emerge with a deeper knowledge of Jesus and empowered to live for Him.

– When I teach, I usually have my own private teaching notes, although I may have handouts for the class. But this time I wanted to do something different and make “my notes” available to everyone. “My notes” is in quotes as I adapted/developed them. I wanted them to be usable as a self-study curriculum, that someone could go through independently. Each participant in my class got a 3-ring binder with the 35 page curriculum in it, as well as 2 plastic inserts containing other articles and brochures about Christ.

Here is the link for you to access it:

Note: the link will open in the “view feature” of your computer, and I have always noted that some formatting gets off-kilter when viewed this way. For example, the last few lines of one page move to the next page. But if you open it in Microsoft Word, this should not happen.

** If you utilize the curriculum, please leave a comment. I’d be encouraged to know it helped you! I am also open to input on improving it. Thanks! ** 


2 thoughts on “Free curriculum”

  1. When I clicked the link using my iPad it returned this message: “No preview available. File is in owner’s trash.”

    • Thanks for letting me know. I am checking on this. It opens for me on my desktop, and for my husband on his cell phone, but these devices are both connected to our google account. So I am asking several other people to try for me too. In the past, I do know people have accessed and opened it fine. But let me see what happens currently with some others… I’ll get back to you.

      Update: hopefully the link will work now as we found a glitch in our google drive. But I have also e-mailed you with a Microsoft Word attachment of the curriculum.

      Anyone else out there – if the link does not work right, please comment and let me know.

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