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The last few months I’ve had several posts on faith:

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But there is danger in becoming so focused on faith, that we forget about the object of our faith. Perhaps especially for those who struggle with doubts, faith can become an end rather than the means to an end – Jesus Christ. We can end up running around in circles – wondering if we have enough faith, trying to increase our faith, searching for more answers or evidence, paranoid of blind faith, etc. Meanwhile we may be neglecting the object of our faith – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Take a moment to read Ephesians chapter 1 and 2, in your Bible or online. It has a powerful focus on Christ and all that we have in HIM. Note the repeated similar phrases: in Christ, through Christ, in Him, with Christ, etc.

Michael Horton (in the book Putting Amazing Back into Grace) states this about an over-focus on faith :

Obsession with the act of faith replaces the centrality of the object of faith, Jesus Christ. We are not justified by faith because of something intrinsic to faith itself. There is nothing magical about believing. It is faith in Christ, and not only faith in Christ but faith in the finished work of Christ that constitutes saving faith. By faith, we take Christ’s righteousness as our own; his holiness for our own unholiness. I have heard a number of people say “I just wish I had the faith to believe.” To believe what? Or whom? There is no virtue in believing. The only virtue is Christ…Stop looking to faith and start looking to Christ. That looking to Christ, after all, is faith! (page 149)