I am re-blogging myself! This old post of mine from 2011 suddenly went viral last week. Well, viral for my little blog! It went from 20-something shares to 80 shares, and brought me a lot of traffic. I thought some of my current readers might want to check it out. I still have strong feelings about Christian fellowship, and really dislike the rampant misuse of the word.

Enough Light

Christian “socialization” seems easy to find, but Christian “fellowship” rather difficult. Part of the problem is that these two things have been confused! They are not one and the same.  The following quote clarifies:

There is a Christian failure to distinguish between socializing and fellowship. Although socializing is often both a part of and the context of fellowship, it is possible to socialize without having fellowship. Socializing involves the sharing of human and earthly life. Christian fellowship, New Testament koinonia, involves the sharing of spiritual life. Don’t misunderstand- socializing is a valuable asset to the church and necessary for a balanced life. But we have gone beyond giving socializing the place it deserves. We have become willing to accept it as a substitute for fellowship, almost cheating ourselves of the Christian birthright of true fellowship altogether. – Donald Whitney

A pot-luck dinner, a game night, hanging out…this is socializing…

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