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I got a new chair in my library several weeks ago that is compact (what I wanted) but also very comfortable. However, it is proving not quite big enough for me, a book, and a 16 pound cat! Photos below.

You can’t see most of my books. Off to the right are 3 tall bookshelves, and on the left you can see part of a small bookshelf which is mostly my “intake” bookshelf where I place newly acquired books for a time. If I shelve new books in the proper category too soon, I sometimes forget about them! Around the corner in another room are 3 more tall bookshelves. Yes, I have a lot of books. Maybe a couple thousand? I’ve never really counted. The majority of my books are Christian non-fiction, that is books about biblical and theological topics. I USE my books and they don’t just collect dust. I also like non-fiction books about antique travel adventures, female adventurers, history, and nature.

That is tea on the side table – which is a unique chest I got from a small, family run business that takes old or used wood furniture and “refreshes it” with creative techniques. They do exceptional work! I’ll share a photo of that too. Refreshed Charm is located in the Charleston, SC area.

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