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I am re-blogging this brief book review from 2014, mainly because the chapter titles about Christ are worth contemplating this weekend.

I recently acquired the book: A Violent Grace by Michael Card. It is a 21 chapter devotional book appropriate for Easter time. Each chapter focuses on a specific verse related to Christ’s passion, and offers devotional yet challenging explanatory thoughts. Some of his observations were unique, and brought out points that I’d not noticed or considered about Christ’s sacrificial death for us. Each chapter also ends with a prayer. Although I’m not quite finished with it, I highly recommend it to you. While it is possible to over-emphasize the cross and neglect the resurrection, there are times to focus on what Christ endured for us – a violent grace. The chapter titles are themselves touching, and I will share some of them with you:

He was born to die, so I could be born to new life.

He was betrayed, so I might know His faithfulness.

He was arrested and bound, so I could be rescued from bondage.

He stood trial alone, so I could have an advocate.

He was wounded, so I could be healed.

He was condemned, so the truth could set me free.

He suffered thirst, so I can drink living water.

He said “It is finished” so I could begin my walk of faith.

He shed His blood, so I can be white as snow.

He rose again, so I might experience eternal life.