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P1070181 For my book-loving blog friends, I recently had a book themed birthday. My husband surprised me with a book themed birthday cake! See the photo. The spines of books are all around the cake, and my spouse even had them write the names of some authors I like on some of the spines – CS Lewis, NT Wright, AW Tozer, the Bible, and my favorite professor (Dr. K) has a book about to be published and he got a book on the cake too. The baker has made cakes for 30 years, and said this was her first book themed cake! Plus I got a $50P1070184 gift card to my favorite, local, used book store.

In case you are interested, here is the book soon to be published by Dr. K: God with Us: Exploring God’s Personal Interactions with His People Throughout the Bible.

And in other book worthy news, I obtained a pre-release copy of Miracles by Eric Metaxas, to be released the end of October. I’m about a quarter way into it, and plan to write a review as soon as I finish it. So far, it is exceptional.

Update, January 2016 – I am now the author of a book!