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Hi there! Here are two links I wanted to share – neither are Christmas related:

  • The Decline of Evangelical America.  From The New York Times. A brief excerpt: We evangelicals must accept that our beliefs are now in conflict with the mainstream culture. We cannot change ancient doctrines to adapt to the currents of the day. But we can, and must, adapt the way we hold our beliefs — with grace and humility instead of superior hostility. The core evangelical belief is that love and forgiveness are freely available to all who trust in Jesus Christ. This is the “good news” from which the evangelical name originates (“euangelion” is a Greek word meaning “glad tidings” or “good news”). Instead of offering hope, many evangelicals have claimed the role of moral gatekeeper, judge and jury. If we continue in that posture, we will continue to invite opposition and obscure the “good news” we are called to proclaim.
  • An interview with Ravi Zacharias on Learning to Think Critically.  Ravi is a well-known Christian apologist and in this series of questions he talks about the importance of critical thinking as you share Christ with opponents or with those from different religions. I particularly appreciated his thoughts on the role of the Holy Spirit, and we need to differentiate between the path to the gospel and the power of the gospel—they are two different things.