Hello readers of Enough Light! A couple years ago I began sending out a print newsletter (via postal mail) where I highlight content from Enough Light. That is, I select content from my 11 years of blogging and share it in print form. Initially it was only four pages long, but I’ve expanded it to six pages. It is sent twice a year. It is free – no strings attached in any way.

My reasons for this newsletter? Several intertwined reasons…I want to share helpful Christian content partly for those who do not use the internet (yes, such people exist!) but also to encourage others to visit Enough Light online. In addition, I think the printed form is increasingly important in a digital or screen age. (That point could be expanded but I will leave it at that for now.) I encourage those who receive the newsletter to pass-it-on to someone else when they finish reading it.

Online reader, would you like to receive my print newsletter via postal mail? You must be willing to give me your postal address. Again, it is free, and no strings attached.

⇒ All comments on Enough Light must be approved by me before they go public, so if you leave your address in a comment I will privately record your address. If that makes you nervous, simply leave a comment saying you’d like to be on the mailing list and I will contact you by e-mail to get your address. (I can access commenter’s e-mail addresses in my wordpress dashboard.)

I plan to send the next newsletter in January or February, so if you’d like to receive it just let me know!  Laura Martin