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The below is from this book: No Border Land: Finding Amazing Grace in a Dark and Dying World by Tom Graffagnino. Available HERE.
It is okay to share brief excerpts from a book without permission, but the author is aware I am sharing this. I actually don’t have the book (yet) but am impressed by the samples I have seen from it. AND it is endorsed by Gary Habermas and Douglas Groothuis – wow!! The book contains prophetic poems or vignettes.

From the author: “No Border Land is written with three purposes. First, it is intended to be prophetic in nature, a warning as well as a lament. Secondly, it is an appeal to the fence-straddling, contemporary Laodicean church to rouse herself, repair the wall, and heed the Shepherd’s voice. Finally, it is a gospel apologetic, a call to consider and respond to the biblical message of the cross.”

We’ve been Roe-ing through Swamp-Land,
Wading through the toxic bog……
We were warmed by good intentions,
Now we’re boiling with the frogs.

We’ve been told the life’s not human
(And of course not “girl” or “boy”!)
It’s just tissue with no gender
(So, it’s OK to destroy.)

We’ve been told that life’s not sacred…
It’s an “it”, so never mind!
(We’ve convinced ourselves of nonsense
To preserve our Feeling Fine.)

“It’s The Law!” (…swears Human Reason.)
“Look, it’s etched right there in stone!”
(Yes, we’ve codified rebellion
From on high here on The Throne.)

There’s no “moral” obligation…
Only what The Self decides.
That’s the truth we’ve re-imagined,
And we feel Self-justified.

Mother Nature’s in agreement,
And The Science is as well.
Now we’re certain…(Absolutely!)
Mankind never really fell.

It’s official, we’ve discovered
There’s no higher law than Me.
“We’ve arrived!”… (So says The Self-ish)
“Ultimate Autonomy!”

Welcome to New Age religion
Where what’s wrong is now just right….
Where the darkness feels quite “privileged”
To eradicate the Light.

Welcome to the Dead End Vision
Where the Truth has been dismissed…
Where no “moral” obligation
Has a right, friend, to exist.