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I shared the above on twitter, and it is a message to myself too. For example, in the last couple years I’ve done less commenting on blogs, and I want to start commenting more often in 2022. Blogging is not the “popular” thing it once was, and those still “keeping at it” need encouragement!

Writing, whether informal like a blog or more formal like a book, can be isolating. Even if you know that your article or book is being read, if you hear hardly a word, you can wonder about this. What do people think? Hello? Also, sometimes people ONLY respond when they disagree, so a writer can end up feeling attacked and discouraged, even if a “silent majority” actually agrees.

Of course, we all have limited time, but if there is a certain writer that you regularly read and appreciate, it seems that it is a basic common courtesy to – on occasion – let them know it by… leaving a comment, writing a brief review, sharing a link, etc. Consider that such small actions also express gratitude and thanks to the author for their writing efforts.

One last thing – the simple act of clicking like (on social media) can both encourage a writer and help quality content be seen by more people. Unfortunately, social media runs on computer algorithms, and if quality content is not liked or interacted with by anyone – the algorithms do not boost it. It will not continue to be seen in people’s news feeds. YOU can help redeem social media by the simple act of clicking like when you see worthwhile content!

Colossians 3 encourages believers to set their minds on things above.
Philippians 4 tells us to think on things that are true, just, and excellent.
Do your actions on social media help in this way? Or does what you like and interact with set minds on base things, on false things, on inferior things?