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There was a post in the gender and sexuality series over the weekend, in case you missed it: Hookup culture. In previous posts in this series, it has been mentioned that gender and sexuality issues have become an apologetics issue for Christians.

Typically we’d think of apologetics as about defending the divinity of Jesus or the reliability of the Gospels, but a Christian view of the body and sexuality must become a part of it. Christian views on sexuality have become a barrier to people even hearing the Gospel. People won’t listen when they feel that we hate them. We need to be able to “reason” with people, that is thoughtfully and humbly explain a Christian sexual ethic. And sadly, too many Christians don’t even understand a Christian sexual ethic – the underlying principles of the Scripture. All they can do is express moral disapproval and quote a random verse of Scripture that says, for example, homosexuality is wrong. That is what this series is about; to delve into these concerns on a deeper level. And that takes…

effort, time, “exercising” our brain, hard work. Oh no, not that! This applies to various apologetic issues, not only gender and sexuality.

I recently saw this excerpt from Francis Schaeffer shared on twitter about the necessary and hard work of answering questions. It was shared by Keith Plummer @XianMind. He is worth following.

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