Recently several folks on twitter shared photos of their extensive libraries, mostly biblical and theology books. I love photos of personal home libraries, as well as perusing – in person – bookshelves filled with books of substance. I only rarely get to do so in person, as I don’t really know people locally with such libraries, or I don’t know them well enough that I’d be in their house.

I rarely have an individual in my home who has interest in my books. This makes me sad sometimes, or perhaps lonely is a better word. Someone on twitter replied to a tweet I wrote about this: “I share that same longing for others to be as excited as me about all the legacy of the voices on the shelves.” – That is it! Besides guests in my house having no or little interest in my books, I’ve had people just shocked by my books – even making negative comments. Oh well. Other book people have encountered this…Why do you have so many books?!

Here are photos of many of my books – not including ones scattered around my house. At any given point, books are off the shelf and scattered here and there!

Happy reading! Happy learning! Happy studying!

The first two photos are in “the library” – a small room with these shelves and a reading chair and side table.

Around the corner is a den with my husband’s pool table, but the one end has floor to ceiling book shelves. There is a reading chair in the corner of this room with a chest next to it – that is the last photo. You will also notice an antique typewriter – it still works!

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