Hi there! Are you on facebook? I know, not everyone is, and facebook isn’t always a “pleasant” online place to be. But I wanted to let you know that I started a facebook page for my blog Enough Light. Link HERE. At least I think I provided the correct link. (If it does not work, let me know!) When I have a new post, I will share the link to it on the page. If you like or follow the Enough Light facebook page, I think you’ll get a notice or see in your feed when I post.

People aren’t reading blogs like they used to, and it is not just COVID-19, but blogging isn’t as popular as it once was, and I think “the way” people use the internet has changed as well. Therefore I simply saw a facebook page as a way to help people be aware of new posts and learn about my blog.

But besides that, here is a quote from a book I reviewed in the past:

“These shepherds were not the well-groomed, clean, mannerly men and women who appear in church Christmas pageants today. First-century shepherds were dirty; they spent their time outside, in all kinds of weather, taking care of sheep. They were ceremonially unclean; caring for animals, they dealt with injuries, illnesses, and other matters related to animal husbandry…Like the magi – although at the opposite end of the socioeconomic spectrum – the shepherds were outsiders in Israel. The gospel is good news for outsiders and the disenfranchised, and on the day of Jesus’ birth this good news is announced to a representative group of this kind of people.”

– Glenn Kreider, in God With Us. Book review HERE.

And here is a screenshot of the Enough Light facebook page: