“Many churches have fallen prey to cultural assimilation. They have degenerated into self-serving enterprises whose primary celebration is to exalt God as giver and to validate a message of cultural narcissism and personal advantages. Such churches have accommodated themselves to things that are not eternal. Genuine worship is not like that. It realizes the worth of God and our dependence on him. It is not a celebration of a favored socioeconomic status within a decadent capitalistic state. Any sane person might tip his allegorical hat to a God who is merely a cosmic provider, but Christian communities do not exist to wonder at their physical abundance. They exist to adore the God who is abundant in mercy and forgiveness.”
– Dr. John D. Hannah, How Do We Glorify God?

No need for me to add any commentary! This nails it. I was privileged to take a in-person class with Dr. Hannah in seminary.

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