I think people can be disappointed with prayer or become skeptical and begin to doubt the faith (why didn’t God answer me? is God really there?) because of misconceptions about prayer and a self-centered approach to prayer. I’ve blogged before about my frustration regarding prayer in Christian groups that is almost entirely about sick people and other physical needs. Why so little prayer about the spiritual and eternal? The content of our prayers is sadly much different than prayer in the Bible. But I digress, as my point is to share an article about prayer with you:

Transforming Prayer in the Third Third of Life by Allison Quient

Here is an excerpt:

“Christian prayer is not about appealing to a magic force to grant wishes. Rather, it is a process of approaching God in such a way as to be open to and shaped by God’s perceptions. It is part of the process of constructing an internal edifice, which will influence how we find meaning in life and fundamentally how we see the world. One does not pray in order to find health, but to seek the mind and heart of God, to enter into divine life.”

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