I am sharing this post that has a challenging excerpt from a book I have long wanted to read:

Persistent Thoughts

I pick up books, read a bit, put them down, and pick them up again. Less Than Conquerors: How Evangelicals Entered the Twentieth Century by Douglas Frank is one such book. I can’t remember how this book landed on my radar, but I am sure that it was in a footnote or endnote in another history book about Christianity in America. Given the recent article in the New York Times, “Christianity Will Have Power,” I picked up Less than Conquerors up again.

In American history, the mid 19th century was a time in which professing Christians wielded a fair amount of power in society. They “ran the show,” so to speak, and their history has been an inspiration for Christians from opposite political sides a century later. Why? Because they “share a desire to remake America according to their own version of Christian principles, and they like the…

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