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We did this puzzle last night. At 550 pieces, and two of us working on it, we finished it in several hours.

But here is a past post where I wrote about a more challenging 1000 piece puzzle:

Jigsaw puzzles…and Christianity? As I worked on this one, I thought of many analogies to faith, doubt, and the struggle to believe!

If you are home more due to COVID-19, consider…doing a puzzle or reading a book. Book giveaway HERE.  Or write an old-fashioned postal letter! Surprise a friend or family member. Did you know I have another blog, entitled Postman’s Treasure, about the postal pen pal hobby? Yes, I do. I have written “pen pals” for 35 years.

Or maybe you’d like to listen to a brief (15-20 minute) sermon? There are links for the audio and transcript of sermons I have preached – see the sermon link at the top of the blog, or click HERE. I appreciate feedback and helpful critique. If you are looking for sermons that are entertaining or inspirational, I am not it. Rather I attempt to carefully explain the Scripture.

Here is one: Are you standing in grace? This message was based on Romans 5:1-11, and emphasizes the doctrine of justification. Link to audio and transcript here.

Pray for the situation with COVID-19. My husband is a RN at a major hospital. Pray for COVID-19 to cease spreading (the curve will flatten), for people to socially distance themselves, for wisdom for leaders, for the most vulnerable among us like the elderly, for people to be calm and rational, for Christians to be a witness.

Update: A post from Kevin Watson: Growing in Your Faith in a Time of Social Distancing