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Challenge yourself to learn new things! Becoming a more knowledgeable person can enhance your life in many ways. I was challenged by a book and speech by Ben Carson. See the post for practical ideas for everyday people. Just small changes in your habits or routines can make a difference!

The first of a 2-part post: How to know and remember stuff! (part 1) You can read books or listen to audio books/lectures, but not really learn or retain much! I’ve known individuals who read the same book or sat in the same class as me, and I was mystified by how unable they were to converse on the topic after the fact! See the posts for ideas on how to better grasp and remember content.

Here is a 3-part series: Active versus passive Bible reading. Why bother reading if you aren’t comprehending? part 1 – Ideas for reading the Bible or other books in an “active” rather than “passive” way! If you read a chapter in the Bible (or in another book) and then can’t explain what it was about, well, what was the point? Why even bother reading?