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I wanted to share this post with you from Kevin Watson at Vital Piety.  He has put into words something I have felt/done for years but was not quite sure how to explain it to another. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. However, that does not mean I am an aimless person. I do want to keep growing in life, and I choose an area or two to work on, but not really having a specific goal. See Kevin’s helpful post! Some of life’s most important endeavors are “not boxes that you can check off and complete, they are habits that form a life.”  What habits are forming your life?

Happy New Year! I have been wrestling with the habits I want to form throughout this year. Last year I worked on two habits that worked great for me. They worked so well, I have decided to continue them this year. One is related to writing and one is related to reading. More on those […]

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