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I had a lot of fun with this! Things I want to do…I meet a man who is in seminary, has a seminary degree, or who is ministry minded as a lay person:

* Assume he is a counseling major. Act really surprised when he says he is in a Bible exposition or theology program. “But why would you be in a program like that??!!” Say with a stutter…”You want to teach or preach in the church?!?!” When he says that counseling is not his gift or call, respond that all Christians should be competent to counsel and insinuate he is deficient or haughty for not wanting to counsel people.

* Assume he wants to do exclusive men’s ministry. When he responds that he wants to work more broadly in the church, act stupefied. Say things like: “Why wouldn’t you want to work with men?! Don’t you value men?” Insinuate or out rightly state that he is arrogant or on a power trip for not wanting to work exclusively with men. “It is sad you do not care about men!”

* That ministry minded man with some training and a teaching gift? Never suggest he teach a class. Overlook him for a spot on the church committee that makes decisions about education/curriculum programs. Instead suggest him for things like: the church landscaping team, maintenance at the church, set up and take town of tables and chairs for church events. If this man says he’d like to be used beyond this? – Chastise him for seeing these tasks of service as beneath him! How sad he only wants to do important things. These men – discontent, and always grasping for more!!