My last post was about introverted evangelism, and I wanted to share another idea. I am a book and literature person, and acquire Christian books/booklets from a variety of places inexpensively or even free. Often I have excess. I leave Christian books or booklets (particularly ones that I think could interest the non-believer or “seeker” or nominal Christian) in public places. This reading material can be overtly evangelistic or more mildly so, perhaps indirectly encouraging consideration of spiritual matters.

Yes, it could get thrown out so my effort is wasted, but not necessarily! And besides, better for it to have the potential of being found and read by someone, than to just sit in my house collecting dust.

Where do I leave items?

⇒ Near where I sometimes walk on a outdoor walking path is a covered bus stop, and I have placed a book/booklet on the bench in there.

⇒ I assume you are familiar with “little free libraries” – a book sharing movement with little book sharing boxes found all over the place. There are several that I regularly pass in my routine activities, and I have placed books in these. Sometimes I will place a book that is for established Christians, hoping a Christian might be helped by it in their life of faith. I have acquired some good Christian books this way. For example, I recently found a John Stott book! I have also placed MY book in these, hoping a local Christian might be interested in a local author.

⇒ I have left literature on car windshields. I do not do this routinely, but everyone once in a while I will get a “weird” feeling (spiritual prompt?) to place Christian literature on a certain car. So i do. Who knows, maybe the weird feeling was just indigestion or something (haha) but I go with it. I keep a small box with Christian literature in my car for such times.

⇒ I only go to a laundromat about once a year, but I always take an item or two of Christian literature to leave out.

⇒ I have left books at the airport in my travels.

I hope that gives you some ideas! Besides reading material, I have left Christian audio CDs and DVDs too. I pray that the item I left will be found by someone it will help spiritually.

I know not everyone is a reader, but sometimes even a non-reader who is bored in a situation (such as an unexpected airport layover) could pick something up in their boredom.

Oh, on occasion I will find Jehovah’s Witness literature left out in these places, and I promptly take it to destroy it. JWs may be nice and sincere people, but their beliefs about Jesus Christ are heretical. I’d encourage you to remove their literature. It is easy to recognize, and if you have doubts just look for the Watch Tower in Brooklyn as the publisher.