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According to this recent survey, the majority (78%) of Evangelical Christians believe that “Jesus was the first and greatest being created by God the Father.” – Yikes!

“These results show the pressing need for Christians to be taught Christology….There is a general lack of teaching today on the person of Christ, a doctrine for which the early church fought so hard….The State of Theology survey highlights the urgent need for courageous ministry that faithfully teaches the historic Christian faith.”

I know that survey results can’t be fully trusted. Results can be skewed for various reasons, but the results line up with my general experiences.

For example, when I asked a group “When did Jesus come into existence?” emphasizing it is a trick question and encouraging thoughtful reflection before answering … everyone answered wrong. Most said at his birth. If Jesus did not exist until his birth, then… there is no Trinity and Jesus is not God. That is serious.

It used to startle me how little Christians know about essential Christian truths, but it no longer does. [By the way, in a class, I never want to make anyone feel bad for not knowing things. The point of a class, after all, is to learn! But I try to use thoughtful questions to get people thinking and make a point.]

A contributing factor is that Christians (and others too) just aren’t used to thinking anymore, about much of anything. Of course, there are thinkers out there, but they are too few. Perhaps the survey results would have been better if the participants had considered the questions more thoughtfully. In other words, maybe doctrinal knowledge is better than the survey indicates, but we are not accustomed to thoughtful contemplation and get mixed up about beliefs.

This is a symptom of the age we live in. We live in an age of entertainment, of sound-bytes, of busyness. We skim read. We lack the ability to concentrate. Deep reading is not taking place.

Many of us, myself included, are influenced by this atmosphere. Because of this, we really must see the need to… slow down, think, stretch our minds, eliminate distractions, read books of substance.

Regarding how this post began, last week I offered  free access to a 34 page curriculum on Christology. I designed it to (hopefully) work for self-study.

If you want to know more about the doctrine of the “pre-existence of Christ” (that trick question: When did Jesus come into existence?) – see the curriculum!

If you would have been part of the 78% that thought of Jesus as the first and greatest being created by God the Father, learn more about this heresy, or false belief, in the curriculum too.