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I blogged about Gosnell in 2013 and 2014. A well done documentary was done (3801 Lancaster) about what went on at this abortion clinic. Watch this documentary free if you have amazon prime: link here.

Now a MOVIE about Gosnell and his abortion clinic is being released this weekend. Preview below. Please consider seeing it THIS weekend at your local theater. Opening weekend is so important for movies!

The hard truth of went went on at this abortion clinic needs to be known. The reviews from the pre-screenings indicate it is a well done movie: Not only good acting and high quality production, but it handles hard content without directly showing the worst (avoids being too graphic) – and it does not “preach” but rather presents the factual story of this clinic. I understand that the court room scenes used verbatim content from the actual trial.

Whether you identify as pro-choice or pro-life you should see this movie! If you are pro-choice, you are concerned with abortion being safe and legal. Well, what went on at Gosnell’s clinic was NOT safe and NOT legal.

When unsafe and illegal things happen at abortion clinics it is hard to have it addressed. It is too often overlooked. For one, abortion just makes people uncomfortable. And it sadly seems that it is more important for abortion to be legal – than safe!! Attempts to enforce safety at abortion clinics is viewed as trying to “attack” the legality of abortion. Therefore, it is quite easy for abortion clinics to get away with infractions.

When the Gosnell trial was underway, many rows in the court room were reserved for the media. These rows were almost entirely empty! Kirsten Powers at USA Today raised the alarm about this neglect of media coverage.

Never heard of Gosnell and his clinic? It was a literal house of horrors, almost hard to believe because it was so bad. Shocking. But it is all well documented.

And the Gosnell movie has faced difficulty after difficulty! In summary…when they used a crowdfunding site to raise money to make this movie, the first site rejected them due to the content of the movie! They found another crowdfunding site willing to take them. After making the movie, they struggled to find a company willing to release the movie for them! And they have had to spread-the-word and seek help to get movie theaters to show it.

Here is that preview! See it this weekend! Hopefully it is at your local theater!
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