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I have an awesome used book store near me. It is huge! And wonderfully, they have a large section of thoughtful or academic Christian books. I suppose this is partly because we are in the Bible belt, and they of course want to cater to local interests. On that note, I love used book stores and enjoy browsing whenever I stumble upon one in my travels. It is interesting to note niche books for that area.

What a great day recently at my local used book store. In the photo you can see what I found! All were either: a book I specifically wanted, an author I appreciate, an author that had been highly recommended, or a topic that interests me.

And…I had store credit vouchers that came to the EXACT amount of the cost of these books! Exactly, down to the penny!

I was so surprised to stumble upon a book One Faith by Thomas Oden and JI Packer. Yes, you read that right! When I saw Packer and Oden on the spine, I at first thought one of them must not be that Packer or Oden. Imagine a Calvinist from the Reformed tradition and a Wesleyan-Arminian coming together for a book about the unity of Evangelical faith. See, the divide is not that great! I greatly appreciate both Packer and Oden. I’ve read multiple books by Packer, but only one by Oden – but the one book by Oden makes me want to read more by him.

Another book I read spoke highly of and kept referencing Francis de Sales, so I was quite happy to find a book by him: Introduction to the Devout Life.

And, wow, Martin Lloyd-Jones has a book that expounds Colossians chapter one – just chapter one! I taught a Bible study on Colossians a couple years ago, and soon I will teach a class on Christology – and we will carefully look at the important Christology passage in chapter one. A timely find!

Letter Writing in Greco-Roman Antiquity. A skim through this at the book store makes me want to read this sooner than later. Not only should it shed light on how letters were written back then, so it will help in understanding the letters of our New Testament in terms of style – but I am also a fan of modern day postal mail, so anything related to letter writing interests me. (I have another blog about postal mail.)

Anything by Walter Kaiser is a find, and The Messiah in the Old Testament should be worthwhile. Not to mention the book on the Reformation, and the one on church creeds and councils!

It may be quite a while before I find so many worthwhile books all at once.