The last 2 posts have been about friendship – and how friendship has been neglected and distorted – as a consequence of both an idolatry of family and the sexualization of relationships in our current culture. Whatever happened to platonic friendship or love? Friendship has lost its distinctness and dignity, as it has been co-mingled with the family or romance. I came across this on twitter and thought it offered a succinct summary, perhaps, of content in the last 2 posts:

The older I get, the less I worry whether it’s “too late” or if I’m “too old” to marry. People get married at 72, you know? Instead, I find myself worrying more about whether it’s too late for community and friendship. The older we get, the poorer stewards we are of friendship. More than that, I’m growing increasingly convinced that we haven’t just neglected friendship, we’ve either already or are scarily close to jettisoning it as a category of love altogether. This, I think, is a consequence of focusing on the family, and holding it as next to godliness for so long. When the only options we offer for love are familial or romantic, we alienate each other and make ourselves lonely. But friendship matters because Jesus himself calls us his friends. His friends!! When we neglect our earthly friendships, I fear we are also missing out on glimpses of Jesus as our friend.
– Lucy Crabtree


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