For the readers and book lovers, some rambles about book organization problems. The majority of my books (95%) are non-fiction and I have them organized by category. I often get books off my shelf for reference and study purposes. I regularly use my books, but some books are more or less utilized. I have a lot of books. Once awhile back I did a quick, rough count and I’d say I now have 1,500 books? Many are biblical and theological in nature. Problems…

Sometimes a book can fit in several categories and what category seems “logical” at a given point of time is not necessarily logical the next time I want the book! WHERE is it??! Then I find the book in an unexpected section, but recognize the former logic after I found it!

I also encounter the problem of running out of shelf space for a certain category of book, and then what to do is tough. If there is only 1 or 2 new books for that section, I can just lay them sideways on top of the other books on the shelf. Possibly, if the shelf is tall enough to do that! However, if I have multiple new books for a category or there are already sideways books on top, then how to fit in these new books? Do a major shift of books around on the bookshelves? That is a lot of work. Start a new section for that category on another shelf? But I dislike having a category split up!

Most books are a certain height, and I hate it when I get a taller than typical book and it will not fit on the shelf standing upright. I hate that! Curses on the publisher.

Recently I did some major book re-organization and actually decided to remove a shelf from a bookcase (gasp! I need all my shelf space!) but I did this so each shelf would be taller. On this particular bookshelf I ended up placing book categories where the books tend to be taller, which means I completely relocated a couple book categories from one bookcase to another.

Because I actually managed to cull quite a few books, loosing that shelf worked out. And I actually now have half an empty shelf! However, the location of the open half shelf is not in an ideal location. It is where I keep my non-fiction books that are not biblical/theological in nature, and that is not where I need shelf space! And the half empty shelf is already filling in with some books – spill over biblical ones. But that is not where they belong! Woe is me.

Well, anyone out there, feel free to share your book organization issues.