I shared this elsewhere, and it got some “likes” so thought I’d put it out there on the blog:

“The spiritual gift of teaching is not wanted in many churches. Clarification – it is wanted if the teacher is from ‘without’ and found on DVD based curriculum put out by a famous church/pastor or a major Christian publisher. A real, in the flesh, teacher at your church? No way.”

– So, thoughts anyone? Churches do not want a teacher. They want a facilitator. Someone to press play on a DVD, and then guide discussion afterwards. I am not saying there is never a time for this. There is some worthwhile curriculum out there.

But why the distrust or even aversion to a real, in the flesh, teacher? I suppose some have been exposed to “bad” teaching – by bad I don’t mean heretical, but someone who tries to teach but it is not very good. For example, they just read from a book or the lesson lacks structure.

But there are gifted teachers out there NOT being utilized!

Consider that much DVD based curriculum BEGAN with an in-the-flesh teacher teaching at a local church – and it got recorded and exported for others.

I avoid DVD based studies. I want a teacher. Someone who has spent time and effort studying and preparing, who can teach and guide us as we learn the Scripture.

I am a teacher. I want to teach. I want to do more than facilitate. (Note more than. Teaching will, of course, involve some facilitation of discussion, etc.)

Curriculum is good for those without a teaching gift. It gives structure. There are people who are not teachers, but are gifted facilitators. I know a couple. This can be a win-win. With a quality DVD, and a gifted facilitator, it can create an ideal situation.

But I am a teacher. I like to prepare my own curriculum. Having to use a curriculum is like being put in a strait jacket. I must do my own study to feel confident in what I teach. Trying to follow another person’s lessons is contrived, frustrating – my style may be totally different, etc.

Please, let me teach! You let the DVD teach. Why not me?

*I may take this down eventually. A venting post. Thanks for listening.

Adding this note regarding the last paragraph: Some could respond that I can use a curriculum but do my own separate personal study. Of course. However, if I put hours into study, and then come back to the curriculum – that is precisely where frustration arises… I now am filled with ideas about how to teach and organize the lessons, that may be rather different from the curriculum! Straight jacket! Also don’t misunderstand, that I may get ideas from a certain curriculum – and incorporate an idea from it into my own lesson plans. I use many, many sources when preparing to teach or preach.