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I’ve been an inconsistent blogger lately. I’ve done a lot of reading this year – 8 books so far, with 9 and 10 in progress. Plus I am maintaining a read-the-Bible in 3 months plan. One book I read was in my stack for several years! Finally, the time seemed right for it: the lengthy biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. In 2014, I met Eric Metaxas and he signed the book for me.

I’ll probably try to write a review later, but for now I’ll say it is a worthwhile book. You will be moved and challenged by Bonhoeffer’s life. And Metaxas is a skilled writer. Despite being a lengthy book with lots of detail and excerpts from Bonhoefer’s letters, sermons, and writings – it flows and is very readable. Sometimes lots of detail can make a book cumbersome, but Metaxas writes in such a way that you don’t get bogged down. I was surprised by how fast I got through the book – about a week. I have another book to read about Bonhoeffer, and after I read that I may have a post about both books.

And on another note, but related to books – tonight I got to hear Flip Benham speak for the first time since 1997. You may only know of Benham if you have been in pro-life activism, particularly street work outside abortion clinics. Flip is as passionate about Jesus, Bible reading, and the unborn as he ever was. I asked Benham to sign my book by Norma McCorvey. There are several photos of him in the book, as he was instrumental in bringing Norma to faith in Christ and he baptized her.

Don’t know who Norma McCorvey is? She was the “Jane Roe” of Roe vs Wade. But did you know she did not have an abortion, and the pro-abortion movement terribly used and abused her in the process of legalizing abortion? Norma became a pro-abortion activist, but eventually became a Christian and then became a voice for LIFE! Other pro-abortion figures in the early years of abortion, such as Dr. Bernard Nathanson, also changed their views and became pro-life. I highly recommend both Nathanson’s book (review at link) and McCorvey’s book Won by Love.

Don’t give up on people – even when it looks hopeless that they are entrenched in a bad situation. Our God is a God of redemption and grace – who draws surprising people to faith – in HIS time – not ours.

And in case you notice what Flip Benham signed to me, he thanked me for the encouragement. In his talk tonight, he encouraged Bible reading and handed out a Bible reading plan. Well, back in 1997, the plan he gave out was what I used the first time I ever read through the entire Bible! I had read parts of the Bible, and certain books – but never the entire Bible – before that.

Photo of Flip Benham baptizing Norma McCorvey.