Back in 2013, I had a 9 part series entitled: Walking away from Faith. Several times I have considered re-blogging it. I’ve decided it is time.

Anyone who blogs knows that with 2-part posts, you lose many people with part 2. Only a small percent return to read part 2. It is best to stick with single posts, or have the most important content in part 1.

However, in my blog stats I will see that people read all 9 parts of the Walking away from Faith series! All 9! This is highly, highly unusual. Obviously, the issue of Walking away from Faith concerns some people. Me too. That’s why I had the series.

You can find these posts in the archives, but posting something new can draw in new readers. Therefore, look for the first post in the next day or two. I’m mostly satisfied with the posts as they stand, but may edit slightly for grammar, syntax, etc – as I have improved some in this area since 2013!

*Added note: please say a prayer for the series – that it might be found by those who will benefit from it. WHO will this interest? Those doubting their faith  -and-  those not doubting their faith, but who have a friend or relative struggling to believe. We need to be more open and honest about this issue.