I appreciate everyone who reads my blog. Thanks for your interest. You may or may not have noticed the speaking tab at the top of my blog. I look for opportunities to teach, preach, or otherwise talk about the Bible and Christianity.

Yesterday (December 31) I served as a substitute preacher for two United Methodist churches. I spoke at one church for the 9:30 service and another for the 11:00 service. One pastor covers both of these churches – this is called having a “two point charge” in UMC lingo. By request, I did my Old Testament robes of the high priest presentation. The theme is that Jesus is our Great High Priest.

I’ve always wanted to record this, and this was our first attempt – amateur recording – we literally propped my husband’s phone on the front pew! But I’ve seen worse video recordings. Hopefully the less than stellar quality of the recording will not hinder watching it. It is 30 minutes. Feedback welcome. I’ve done this presentation several times, and have tweaked it some.