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On December 16, 2016 I had this post: Reading aims in the New Year…books, magazines, newspapers. In it, I mention Carr’s book: The Shallows, What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains -and- Postman’s book: Amusing Ourselves to Death. If you have not read these books, you really must! Put them on your 2018 reading list.

My concern in that post (for myself) was that while I still read books, I had drifted from consistent magazine and newspaper reading. If you wonder why that would even be a cause for concern, read the post.  – How did I do?

Success: reading more magazines! I read Christianity Today, Sierra Club’s magazine, and The Smithsonian.

If you don’t subscribe to Christianity Today (CT), you really should. I’ve subscribed on and off for many years. As I mention in this past post, over the years CT has introduced me to various theological or biblical issues that I’d previously known nothing or little about. It provides thoughtful, biblical perspectives on the church, ministry, culture, and everyday Christian living. You’ll find news from the Christian world and book reviews. While evangelical, it is not limited to covering just one denominational or theological perspective but is broad in scope. I think some Christians only read publications from within their camp, and this is limiting.

Well, the Sierra Club – it was new for me to get their magazine. I appreciated it, yet I will not be renewing. Why? The summer issue contained startling info for me. I was not the only one disturbed, based on letters to the editor in the following issues. An article mentioned that the Sierra Club supports things like abortion rights, Planned Parenthood, and sexuality related liberal causes. WHAT? I thought The Sierra Club was about conservation of forests, sustainable energy, respect for nature, and the like. As one letter to the editor pointed out, the support of liberal social causes alienates some of us! You can be both a social conservative and pro-environment! Yes, you can! The widened focus is ridiculous, and Sierra Club has lost supporters by making their scope so clear. And…if any organization begins to focus on too many things, it will lose effectiveness!

I chose The Smithsonian from a list as a freebie in thanks for something. I appreciated the issues I read – fascinating history of many things! I love history.

Fail: read the newspaper! I bought a whopping 2 issues of The New York Times and read them. Oh well. The NYT is worthwhile. I should have gotten my local city newspaper on Sundays, but never did.

So, that is my update. Next week or early in January, I will share the books I read in 2017 – just under 40 I think.