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At lunch with a friend, the “death” of funerals and the “birth” of celebrations of life came up in passing. It reminded me of 2 articles I’d read by Chad Bird. They are worth your time and consideration.

  • Please Don’t Say These Six Things at My Funeral. It has 6 brief points that you can read quickly. Start here. In point #4, he links to another article he wrote that expounds upon the funeral vs celebration of life issue. I’ll link to it in the next bullet point.
  • The Tragic Death Of The Funeral, Baby Boomer narcissism crowds out Christian meaning from a familiar ritual. — This one is a longer read but worth it. Print it out if you need to. (Many find longer things harder to read online.) Of interest, in light of the book I wrote, he links this to “the power of positive thinking” mentality and its self-focus. There are many quote-worthy statements in it, such as this one:

    “Welcome to a world in which the womb becomes a casket and funerals become fun.”