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Hi there my blog readers. Two random thoughts/links this post…

  • Catching up on some magazine reading, I saw a review of this book: Onward: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel by Russell Moore. It won Christianity Today’s 2016 book of the year. Have you read it? I have not. But the review said that Moore is especially concerned about providing a corrective for 3 types of Christians:
  1. the hand-wringers who are too focused on the end of the world to communicate the good news about the kingdom
  2. those who use the culture’s hostility to fuel perpetual outrage, indignant that the “other side” is “ruining” everything
  3. and those who accommodate on certain issues in an effort to keep Jesus popular and relevant

Yep, that pretty much nails it! In “real life” here in the Bible Belt, I know more who fall into number 1 or 2. I think social media sadly contributes to and exacerbates #2. For #3, I know more people online or indirectly, but #3 is rearing its head in the denomination I am a part of. Several individuals left the conservative mainline church I attend for a more “accommodating” one.

  • Busyness. I’ve blogged on this before. (See my recent book review of God Space.) I am pretty much sick and tired of the lame excuse of busyness -or- people wearing busyness like a badge of honor. It is not a badge of honor. Not having time for what matters in life is a problem and concern. I recently came across this practical article: Why I’m Not Busy & You Shouldn’t be Either. The intro states this:
      “Living in a continuous state of busyness reflects poor stewardship of time. It reflects an inability to prioritize. I get that sometimes no matter how well you steward and prioritize your time, you’re still busy. I’m in the same boat. But I’m talking about excessive busyness. I’m talking about feeling busy most days of the week. About the mentality that people like to wear on their sleeve as a status symbol. I don’t think that type of busyness is healthy, and therefore I try to avoid it.”

    The article then shares practical ideas and book recommendations. While the thoughts are more about the employment setting, the general ideas could apply to other areas of life. Give it a read!

* Update: Another article here: The Disease of Being Busy.