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This post has some rambles for readers and authors…

  • Have you heard of Hometown Reads? This web site connects readers with local authors. Look for your town, and then you can find books written by authors in your town. It is free. Authors – yes, you can submit your book for free. I did and I think my author page on Hometown Reads looks great. All I did was submit my info, and they took care of the rest. Thanks Hometown Reads.  #readlocal
  • I shared this once before: The 10 Awful Truths about Book Publishing. The market is literally deluged with books, and many books will never see the light of day. A few are sub-par quality, but I know there are worthwhile books lost in the deluge. Readers – authors NEED your reviews: amazon, goodreads, your blog. If you appreciated a book, tell a friend about it and share links on social media.
  • Feel intimidated about writing a review? Don’t be. A review can be 2 or 3 sentences long. Really. Here is one example: “Keri’s thoughtful, relatable, and gently instructive book is a gift. Highly recommend.” – This is a review of God Space by Keri Wyatt Kent on goodreads. I reviewed God Space recently, and mine is a long and interactive review. Both types of reviews are helpful! If someone is scrolling through reviews, both brief and lengthy reviews can help them get a feel for the book.
  • Have you ever thought about how isolating it is to be a writer – whether an author or a blogger? Think about it. Writing is done alone. Then a book or blog post finally gets out there, but the isolation can remain. The reader sits somewhere else reading what you wrote. – Hello? Anybody out there? Of course, we all have limited time and priorities in life. But if you consistently read a blog and appreciate the posts, leave a brief comment every so often. Note: every so often. I’m not saying you must comment regularly, but show your appreciation with an occasional comment – or by sharing their content on social media. Similarly, a book review is a way to communicate with an author.

Finally…perhaps it seems like I am pressuring the reader, and only the reader, as I push you to write reviews, comment, and share links!

However, dear AUTHOR, this all applies to YOU as well. 

Are you only promoting yourself? Sadly, I see writers who only promote themselves. Yet, they also want other people to promote them. This is illogical. You want others to promote you, but you won’t promote anyone?!? Duh. Think about it.

Are you a “link dropper”? A link dropper is someone who drops into a facebook page or other site, leaves a link for their book or blog post, and immediately leaves the page or site. MANY do this, and I have never understood it. At all. It leaves me scratching my head in puzzlement.

If everyone just drops a link and runs, what is the point??

THERE IS NO POINT! No links will ever be read.

Again, I know we all have limited time and life priorities, but…When I share a link, I scroll down and give a quick look to other links. I find 1 or 2 to interact with, in some type of way :  a simple like,  a comment after the link, or I go to the actual blog and leave a comment. If I find a post or book particularly interesting or helpful, I share it on social media.

Blogging, writing…there should be a sense of community.

All for one, and one for all.

Not…every man for himself!

Especially for Christian writers…

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or empty pride, but in humility consider others more important than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…”  Philippians 2:3-5