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Jesus, The Life and Ministry of God the Son – Collected insights from A.W. Tozer. Moody Publishers, 2017.

In case you are not aware, Moody has a recent series of books where they have grouped together writings from Tozer on various topics. There is much source material – articles, essays, books, sermon transcripts. Tozer was prolific. This book is about Jesus. I won it as a goodreads giveaway, and writing a review is encouraged. I enter giveaways for Christian non-fiction books regularly – not only on goodreads but through other Christian blogs or ministries. If you keep your eyes open, there are many out there, and I am honestly surprised how often I win.

As with just about anything by Tozer, this book is challenging, convicting, inspiring, and informative – and ultimately Christ exalting in every way. It has 17 chapters in 162 pages, so none are too lengthy, and some as brief as 4-6 pages. While not marketed as a devotional, I think it would make an exceptional devotional, especially since so many of the devotionals out there are sadly fluffy and superficial. The end of each chapter has several questions for personal reflection and life application.

This book covers Christology very well, addressing the core and critical theological aspects of Christ. Chapter titles include: The Self-Existent God, The Mystery of the Incarnation, The Center of All, The People’s Savior, The Remedy, Our Mediator, The Resurrection, The Second Coming, The Head of the New Creation.

Earlier this year, I taught a Bible study on Colossians, and if I have opportunity to teach Colossians again, the chapter entitled “The Center of All” would be exceptional for the class to read.

I recommend this book, and I’ll end with a few excerpts:

“Bible-believing Christians stand together on this [the deity of Christ]. They may have differing opinions about the mode of baptism, church polity, or the return of the Lord. But they agree on the deity of the eternal Son. Jesus Christ is of one substance with the Father – begotten, not created (Nicene Creed). In our defense of this truth we must be very careful and bold – belligerent if need be.” page 23

“All that Moses could do was to command righteousness. In contrast, only Jesus Christ produces righteousness. All that Moses could do was to forbid us to sin. In contrast, Jesus Christ came to save us from sin. Moses could not save, but Jesus Christ is both Lord and Savior.” page 33

On the Incarnation… “How is it possible that God could join the Creator to the creature? If you do not engage in deep thinking, it may not seem so amazing, but if you have given yourself to frequent thoughtful consideration, you are astonished at the bridging of the great gulf between God and not God.” page 48

“Do you see it, my friend? Resurrection is not a day of celebration – it is an obligation understood and accepted! Because Jesus Christ is alive, there is something for us to do for Him every day. We cannot just sit down, settling back in religious apathy.” page 108

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