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Something so simple you can do to help redeem social media? Press like! That is it!

What? Pressing like can be lame. People on wordpress can press like for your post even though they clearly did not read it – they just hope someone will see their icon and click on it. Sigh. They go through a feed clicking like on everything, which is a self-centered and self-promoting reason for pressing like. (Not that clicking like is always bad! I click like, but only for posts I actually read and appreciate.)

So what am I talking about? I’m referring more to venues like facebook. I pulled back from facebook in January, but recently returned just a little. I left because of so many vitriolic or banal posts.

Pressing like on facebook is important because of how the facebook algorithms work. Facebook’s algorithms control and influence how much a post is seen by others. The algorithms are a complex monstrosity and always being tweaked – but what you like, click on, and comment about is important. Content that gets more attention ends up more prominent. Unfortunately, the lowest common denominator can win, the banal and misleading predominating.

You may never see quality posts from friends and groups that you would prefer to see – unless you make an effort to go to the actual wall/page and look at it, or unless you are very proactive with your feed settings and what you like.

I find some people rarely click like, even for things they truly like. They are like secret agents – incognito – quietly reading and appreciating your posts, but never letting you know it with a like or comment. (This is also a bit rude if you ask me – appreciating posts but never letting the person know it!)

On the other hand, and unfortunately – the things that seem more likely to get liked or clicked are the trivial or misleading – fake news, click-bait, etc.

Finally, my key point:

Liking or commenting on facebook posts does matter.

Due to the algorithms, it can literally decide how many others will end up seeing the post, or not.

Christians – what are you liking?

I know those who post Bible verses or thoughtful, biblically sound, Christian quotes and posts – and rarely is there a like or comment. Maybe you don’t have time to comment, but a like only takes a moment.

Imagine if more people began liking quality Christian content.

It means more people would see this content in their feed – rather than it remaining in obscurity!

We can help redeem social media.

WISDOM is needed about what to interact with on social media. Sometimes there is a need to respond to the theologically incorrect or other falsehoods, but other times it is best to just ignore it. It seems too much of the former goes on, rather than the later!

Interacting only brings more attention to the post, which is not good.

Truly, sometimes ignoring is best – the post will wither on the vine and thankfully only be seen by a handful of people as a result of the ignoring.

Which is a reminder of why it is important to actually LIKE the quality content!

I don’t want to over-simplify things as facebook algorithms are complex, but I do think we can make a difference. PLEASE start liking thoughtful and worthwhile content, and learn to ignore the not-so-worthwhile. There is a time to engage, but please exercise wisdom about when to do so.