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Here are a few random links or posts to share:

  • Are you familiar with the CS Lewis Institute? It is nondenominational, and committed to helping Christians think more deeply about their faith and living it out. I appreciate their quarterly publication Knowing & Doing. It offers a wide variety of articles on discipleship, spirituality, theology, apologetics, and cultural analysis. An article from Knowing & Doing about pride was an important resource in the bibliography of my own book.
  • The Junia Project is having a writing contest! What? You don’t know about The Junia Project? It is a community of women and men advocating for the inclusion of women in leadership in the Christian church and for mutuality in marriage. The writing contest offers opportunities to write about egalitarianism. Last year The Junia Project had a post that featured “49 Seriously Good Blogs for Christian Egalitarians.”  I was honored the my blog Enough Light was featured and described this way: Laura Martin is a Christ-following seminary graduate who writes with depth about the spiritual life in general as well as egalitarian thought.
  • Okay, this topic is not related to the normal content of my blog! I attempt to eat mostly “humane certified” meat from the store, or purchase meat from a local hobby farmer, or eat venison that was hunted by my spouse/friend. I also buy only cage free/free range eggs. Why? Because if you are not aware of “factory farming” – on many of these farms the animals are not treated humanely, at all, and crammed into small spaces where they suffer terribly. It is possible to have a large scale production, yet where you implement distinct standards to ensure the animals have a better life. So I do not think all animals must be on small farms, and that is where the official humane certified label is helpful. I rarely eat pork anymore, unable to find humane certified pork. The situation with the factory pig farms in NC is horrible – not only for the pigs but the environmental and health problems that affect those in the community. Here is an article from National Geographic: What to Do About Pig Poop? North Carolina Fights a Rising Tide. The article is from 2014, but from a 2017 article  I read in a print magazine, nothing has changed or improved.
  • I appreciate a retired Methodist minister, and he recently tweeted an old post: A Testimony to God’s Grace. He reminisces on the old style camp meetings, and here is an excerpt: “But, please remember that the worst thing we can do to the Gospel is to make it look false, empty, boring and irrelevant to daily life. And, I haven’t forgotten that the ‘liberal church’ never conveyed the Gospel of God’s love and grace and forgiveness to me. So camp-meeting hit me pretty hard. There I heard some fiery and enthusiastic evangelistic preaching. Evangelists there spoke of a Gospel that was genuinely related to the struggles of my life. These people really seemed to believe that the Bible’s message was true.”