I am sharing this post from the blogger at Spiritual Drift because I so relate to it. I have pulled out of facebook for similar reasons. My mind and my heart can no longer handle what I encounter there. There is no dialogue, only shouting…from both sides. I have often been told, by people who have observed me in action, that I have the gift of diplomacy. I can build a bridge or create dialogue where there was none. My gift is no longer working…at all. I’ve entered situations with kindness, emphasizing where I agree, before expressing the concern I have….and I am being bullied. I will not tolerate that.

I can’t relate to the complete inability to listen – an inability to hear just one thing, to simply acknowledge a concern. As said, I have entered various situations emphasizing something I agree with, but there is not even a tiny bit of reciprocity.

I also don’t seem to belong anywhere. I am too liberal for the conservatives, and too conservative for the liberals. So everyone suspects me. That is nothing new, but it has been greatly exacerbated.

I mourn for Christians who have betrayed their Christian principles and lost their Christian witness, yet do not even have eyes to see it.

It is a huge relief to be off facebook. But I also feel sad too.

Don’t worry, I am still blogging and using twitter. I don’t tend to engage in dialogue on twitter. It is more of a place where I share links, and see what is trending.

Here is that post from Spiritual Drift: My Last Post as Spiritual Drift.