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God have mercy.

National Abortion Federation meeting. Second trimester abortions.

Start listening around 7:00.
“I don’t like saying I am dismembering a fetus…It makes me feel bad.”
“I find 2nd trimester abortions grotesque…but we must be strong and fight for women.” [What about the baby being dismembered and fighting for the baby?]
“My coping mechanism is to cope with the baby fetus–reverence for something that was once alive and is now not.”
“An eyeball just fell down into my lap and that’s gross…and I say to myself, ‘This abortion is going well; it’s going safely.'”  — AND the response to that statement? The audience LAUGHS AND CLAPS.

Another video: Start listening about 8:00.

They talk about… heads getting stuck, a patient having her 8th abortion, the burden of self-censorship to protect the pro-choice movement.

[In other words, when what you do is so bad that you have to hide the truth about it, because if more people knew it would damage the legality of abortion.]

Pray for these abortion doctors.

They need spiritual sight and a work of God in their life.

Perhaps you are thinking these late term abortions are to save a mother’s life? Not likely.

“Before examining the ‘abortion to save women’s lives’ question, it is first important to note that only about 1.2 percent of abortions (about 15,000 per year) take place after 20 weeks of gestation. Of these, a good portion are due to partner abandonment or parental pressure. Another chunk are due to an adverse diagnosis of fetal development or simply fear of a fetal defect after exposure to some drug, for example. So only a small percentage of late-term abortions are done with the sole intent of saving the mother from dying from complications with pregnancy. But even that small number of ‘lifesaving’ abortions is questionable, because the best medical evidence reveals that of the few women who die of disease while pregnant it appears there’s not even one cause of death abortion can prevent.” More here.

Also carefully observe the comments of the abortionists themselves. If these late term abortions were rarer (say only 500 a year) and only done for extreme circumstances – while these would still be difficult procedures to perform, the doctor could have some comfort that it was for “the best” (hypothetically speaking) due to severe diagnosis. BUT the comments themselves don’t reveal that – a patient having an 8th abortion for example, and the importance of protecting the pro-choice movement above all else.

Update: Thoughtful article here: Former abortion industry workers say abortion hardens hearts.