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Please read this article by Michael Horton in The Washington Post yesterday: Evangelicals should be deeply troubled by Donald Trump’s attempt to mainstream heresy. It was hard to choose an excerpt, as so much of this article nails it. Read it! Share it. “It is striking that Trump has surrounded himself with cadre of prosperity evangelists who cheerfully attack basic Christian doctrines. The focus of this unity is a gospel that is about as diametrically opposed to the biblical one as you can imagine.”

As referenced in Horton’s article, the New Thought movement and historical figures such as Quimby, Peale, and Schuller are all mentioned in my own book: Positively Powerless, How a Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity. I don’t name names of current ministries, except evasively. For instance, several book titles are hidden in sentences.

My book takes a more subtle approach, noting how the overt stuff has trickled down and indirectly affected us all – creating a therapeutic, self-centered approach to faith. Often without us knowing it. From the back cover: “Christ was dethroned and the self was made sovereign, rewiring our minds and weakening our faith.”

And blogger Tim Fall has a timely piece today about Paula White: Paula White Ministries: Send me your money so God will pay attention to you.