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p1070562Some bloggers post a list of books that they read for the year. I’ve done a top ten, but this year here is my entire list – with a link if I reviewed or interacted with the book. One book is left off the list for a reason I won’t disclose. And when typing this out, I discovered that I’d accidentally recorded one book twice. Oh no, dropping my number of books by one! Whether I write a review really has nothing to do with how much I appreciated a book. Sometimes I consider a book exceptional but don’t review it for one reason or another. (Laziness is a reason!) A couple of these books, I still plan to review…

  1. Dispensationalism and the History of Redemption, Bingham and Kreider, eds.
  2. Genesis (a commentary) by Derek Kinder – Tyndale
  3. Beyond I do, What Christians Believe About Marriage by Douglas Brouwer
  4. Darwin on Trial by Phillip Johnson
  5. Climbing with Abraham by David Ramos
  6. Your Mind Matters by John Stott
  7. The Apostolic Fathers, Moody Classicsp1070561
  8. The Genesis Record by Henry Morris
  9. The Bible in World History by Stephen Leston
  10. Slandering Jesus by Erwin Lutzer
  11. The Power of I Am by Joel Osteen
  12. Engaging God’s Word, A Christian Vision of Faith, Learning and Living by Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
  13. Understanding Christ by John Stott
  14. Theological Fitness by Aimee Byrd
  15. An Hour Before Daylight by Jimmy Carter
  16. Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
  17. If You Can Keep It, The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty by Eric Metaxas
  18. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan
  19. Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle
  20. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  21. The War of the Worlds by HG Wells
  22. 1984 by George Orwell
  23. The Attitude of Jesus Toward Women by M. Madeline Southard
  24. Shattered Prayers, The Testing of a Father’s Faith by Kenneth Ching
  25. Putting Jesus in His Place, The Case for the Deity of Christ by Bowman and Komoszewski
  26. The Journals of Lewis and Clark, edited by John Bakeless
  27. Seeking the Face of God by Gary Thomas
  28. I Dared to Call Him Father by Bilquis Sheikh
  29. Renaissance, The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times by Os Guinness
  30. Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues by Mark Smith
  31. The Message of Romans (commentary) by John Stott
  32. The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Valley of Fear by AC Doyle
  33. The Lost Dogs, Michael Vick’s Dogs and their Story of Redemption by Jim Gorant
  34. Redeemed for a Reason by Amy Garner
  35. Polity, Practice and the Mission of the United Methodist Church by Thomas Frank
  36. Hearing God in Conversation by Samuel Williamson
  37. Soul Vision by Ramesh Richard
  38. Commentary on Colossians and Philemon by H. Dermot McDonald
  39. The Shallows, What the Internet is doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr
  40. Living in Light of Eternity by Stacy and Paul Rinehart
  41. Judy: The Unforgettable Story of the Dog Who Went to War and Became a True Hero by Damien Lewis

For Bible reading I read through: Genesis and Romans several times, Psalms, Colossians.


That is me as an infant surrounded by books.


And if you did not know it, I published a book this year: Positively Powerless, How a Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity. Click on “my book” at the top of the blog to learn more.