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I try to be creative and keep things interesting when I teach the Bible. But you can’t always think of something that great. Yesterday, when teaching my adult Sunday school class, I showed a brief clip from the old Bob Newhart show. (With my husband’s tech help. Thanks husband!)

My lesson was on “the Bible” and we looked at verses such as from Psalm 119; Romans 15:4; Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; John 5:39-40. The Bible helps us in so many ways, ultimately pointing us to JESUS.

We know this.

But there is a disconnect between our knowing the importance of the Bible, and our actually reading it. Stats show that Bible reading is at an all time low – even among Christians that attend church every Sunday.

If this is us, we need to honestly consider why we don’t spend much time with the Scripture. There may be a simple solution. Ask God for help in overcoming the obstacle – if there is one.

Maybe you have lacked a plan, and need a structured reading schedule to follow. Or maybe, like me, you don’t! A specific reading schedule makes me feel constricted, and if I get off schedule I quickly abandon it. I find that I actually read more consistently when I take a flexible approach and don’t feel trapped by a set-in-stone plan.

The point is…

If the way you have tried to read the Bible in the past has not worked…stop it!

Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing but expecting a different result. That is what I did for too many years. So, stop it! Try something new.

My lesson next Sunday will focus, in part, on different ways to read the Bible. Try new approaches to Bible reading. Maybe you are bored? Perhaps caused by overexposure to one version of the Bible? Read in a different version or in a paraphrase – it may bring the Bible to life for you and offer fresh perspective. Or how about listening to an audio version of the Bible? Some people do well with auditory methods.

While reading through the Bible in a year is something all Christians should do from time to time, maybe that is too big of an undertaking. Be realistic. Start smaller. Work your way up to that. How about reading through the New Testament in a year? Or pick 12 books – one a month? The site Bible Study Tools offers a big selection of Bible reading plans of different lengths and themes.

But that Bob Newhart clip. Perhaps it is a stretch to connect it to the lesson, but my class seemed to appreciate it and I think everyone will remember next week that if the way they have tried to read the Bible in the past has not worked, they need to stop it.

Disclaimer: Please note this clip is not as “sensitive” as we would be today about certain legitimate problems people have…but hopefully you can appreciate the humor.