I rarely jump in with thoughts after a major event or crisis in the world. Too many voices are clamoring, and I often need time to process and consider an issue. But (haha) I will share links to 2 articles I appreciated, as well as copy and paste what I shared elsewhere on social media. I am amused by people who thought all this would “end” after the election – it has only just begun.

  • From TGC: 4 Problems Associated with White Evangelical Support of Donald Trump. I don’t always agree with TGC on everything, but I thought this article was on target. “The vote for Trump creates or amplifies a credibility problem for evangelicals. Why should the unrepentant listen to their gospel when it seems so evident they’ve not applied that gospel to their political choices?” – I touch on this in my own thoughts below. I am saddened and mystified by some evangelicals. They apparently live in an insular world with no real friends or contacts outside their tight little circle of conservative Christianity. Some Christians who so vocally endorsed Trump have lost their gospel witness, yet they can’t even see that fact.
  • After the Election:How to Build a Bridge. “In light of Election 2016, ‘bridge-building’ is no longer just a nice idea. If we have any hope of moving forward, bridges need to be built. We cannot ignore the art and the process. It is our only way forward.” – Again, I sadly find the skill of bridge building lacking among too many evangelicals. Dialogue – it is a beautiful thing. Learn to listen. Can you see through the eyes of another?

Finally, here are the thoughts I shared elsewhere on social media:

Marginalized people groups are deeply frightened my friends. I know some of them personally – not just in an online setting. They took Trump’s rhetoric seriously. I know some who are making serious plans to leave the USA because they fear overt discrimination, mistreatment, and abuse. I think there is some over-reaction here, but some is understandable. Do you have any clue what it is like to be part of a marginalized minority? Too many evangelical Christians are sadly VERY clueless. Worse yet, these marginalized individuals already had a disdain for Christianity but now they HATE Christianity – as they observed so many believers vote for Trump.

My point is NOT to criticize voting choices, but to perhaps help some of you better understand what certain people feel like today.

Christians, now is the time to stop playing church. Can you live the Beatitudes? Can you love your enemies? Jesus reached out to the marginalized and to those who felt voiceless. As we will likely encounter angry and frightened marginalized groups in the days to come, we need supernatural power and biblical wisdom to build bridges with them and show the love of Jesus Christ.

We can’t lash back. For example, someone I know personally is already vitriolic towards me. The mere fact I am a practicing evangelical Christian upsets them – because I am part of this Christian group that so broadly supported Trump. I did not support Trump, and they know this, but I am tainted by association. Also, they feel my 3rd party vote helped Trump.

Pray, my Christian friends, for the disenfranchised among us. Pray for their safety. Pray for supernatural strength and wisdom in how to react and respond in a Christ like way. Even if some of their fears are unfounded, they are nonetheless angry and frightened.

And from others:

If we don’t feel the effects of the results of this election, then our lives are insular, and out of touch with the most vulnerable communities of our country. ~ Christiana Rice

For the women, the refugees, the immigrants, the people of color, the religious minorities, [and LGBQ], Lord hear our prayer. ~ Jon Huckins