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“You’re not average. You’re not mediocre. You are God’s biggest deal.”

– Joel Osteen in a recent tweet.

My brief thoughts in reply:

1. We all matter to God. But many of us are average. That’s okay. The God of the Bible often uses average and less-than-average people! Be encouraged by that fact.

2. We all matter to God. But to say I am God’s biggest deal? Ever hear of humility? Let’s not fan the flames of pride. The Bible is filled with warnings about an inflated view of self, and likewise emphasizes that God is closest to the humble of heart.

Here is a brief excerpt from the introduction to my book:

Christianity is all about paradox: power is found through weakness, to live we must die to self, and to be lifted high we must stoop low. The Christian life is uniquely different from our natural inclinations and in stark conflict with the positive thinking paradigm. Some aspects of this book may seem a bit hard-hitting but it is only because we have become so accustomed to the pervasive cultural dogma of self-affirmation and self-fulfillment…This book seeks to offer hope. A movement that claimed to offer power turned out to be powerless, and the only solution is in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.