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519bn-xfxrl-_sx332_bo1204203200_Consider my book instead of this one, and discover that Osteen’s approach is Positively Powerless!

Read a review of Osteen’s book The Power of I Am here.

*NOTE: I never mention Joel Osteen in my book. I avoid naming names, and I am not out to attack people or ministries. Rather I address underlying biblical and theological concerns and how “Osteen type” approaches undermine Christianity and distract us from what matters.

From a review: “Positively Powerless by L.L. Martin is her first book but I hope it will not be her last. What I thought would be an overview of the history of the positive thinking movement turned out to be an examination of our need for the gospel to squelch the self-focus this movement inspires. The author presents the hope of the gospel in relation to self-deception, pride and the humanization of God.”

I do not live in a mansion, and I’m a middle-class person like the most of us. I did not write my book to make money, but to share genuine concern and point people to the Savior – our Lord Jesus Christ. At the end of my book is an appendix entitled: “Practical ideas and resources for cultivating humility and staying focused on Christ.”

If you’d like a free copy of Positively Powerless, please leave a comment. Within the USA I can offer you a tangible book. ( I did have e-books but have run out.)

From an amazon review: Positively Powerless is…”easy to read but very insightful. I would not consider it light reading because the author delves deeply into important issues for believers, but it was not a complicated book to read. I was exhorted to a deeper walk with Christ as I read this book. Definitely on my list of recommended books for believers and one that I will reread.”